4 stars. “Afro-Cuban jazz that shakes, quakes and practically immolates…. Intercambio shows Wallace’s Grammy-nominated unit extending the music originated by master Eddie Palmieri with beautiful reverence and serious fire. The group’s fifth release, Intercambio is state-of-the-art Latin jazz.” – Ken Micallef, DownBeat


“Wayne Wallace is a fine trombonist but a better bandleader, and an excellent conceptualist… the end, the head, the heart and the feet all get nourished on Intercambio…. ingenious.” – Britt Robson, JazzTimes


“…this is simply joyful, effusive music that beams a warm, wide smile.” – Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm


“…an Afro-Cuban jazz classic… pick up Intercambio.” – Scott Yanow, Jazz Inside


“Wayne Wallace is simply one of the most gifted trombonists playing today…. With smart and elegant harmonizing and inexpressibly spot-on polyrhythms, each song—whether an original or a reinvented one by another jazz great—is a masterpiece in its own right…. [Wallace] shows unrivalled energy, clarity and Jove-like command. His tempi are also ineffably lovely and the intensity with which he plays throughout is what makes this album one of my favorites…” – Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network


“As Art Blakey once said, ‘All jazz is dance music.’ Wayne Wallace takes that admonition to heart, as every song on this scintillating session has the type of dance to accompany the piece.” – George Harris, Jazz Weekly


“…the album smolders, the Latin rhythms underpinning arrangements that feature Wallace’s beautiful and buttery tone…. Intercambio gently but firmly moves Latin jazz forward. That’s no easy thing, but it is an essential one to a good jazz musician. In doing so, Wallace demonstrates that there is much still to be found inside of Latin jazz.” – Don Macica, Azugate


“Wayne Wallace is an outstanding and talented trombonist…. Intercambio is his new rich and exquisite production….” – Eric Gonzalez, HerenciaLatina.com


“One can easily imagine the entire ensemble performing while parading through the streets of a city, luring others to dance and follow along.” – Woody Wilkins, The Jazz Writer


“Serious fans of Latin Jazz have probably followed the 6-time Grammy nominee Wayne Wallace for a while, and Intercambio will provide them with a jambalaya of the best Wayne’s Latin Jazz Quintet can offer.” – Hector Aviles, Latino Music Café


“Formed in the San Francisco Bay area, the Grammy-nominated Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet maintains tempi solid enough to fill dance floors at salsa clubs but sufficiently fluid in changes to please jazz fans. With guest musicians adding flute and violin, some tracks echo the elegance of old-time Cuban music. Along with Wallace’s originals, the quintet tackles some tricky pieces, including Miles Davis’ ‘Solar’ and John Coltrane’s ‘Equinox.’” – Morton Shlabotnik, Shepherd Express


“Trombonist and arranger Wayne Wallace has gathered some damn good musicians to indulge his passion for Cuban music and jazz – and especially the fertile intersection between them.…a sonic and well-oiled quintet that deliver Latin-jazz of high quality.” – Jens Lohmann, Jazz Special


“Tasty stuff that pulls out all the stops giving you everything you could ask for in mainstream Cuban/Latin jazz, it’s killer stuff throughout.” Midwest Records


“For me, Latin music in any form or sub genre hits my musical sweet spot hard and Wayne Wallace pulls off one of the finest efforts this year!” (Latin Jazz – Jazz Latin) — Brent Black, CriticalJazz.com


“Infinity, though also adhering to standard Latin rhythms and more of a West Coast commercial mood, complete with r&b-fired electric bass and drums inferring multiple styles.” — Ken Micallef, DownBeat


“This outstanding CD (Infinity) from the Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet easily doubles as dynamic Latin jazz listening material or as a party atmosphere-provider if the first order.” — Don Lerman, CADENCE


¡Bien Bien! is a rollicking triumph of styles and genres that is fun from one end to the other.” — James Hafe, DownBeat  4.5stars


“Wallace’s arrangements, populated with tightly synched, beefy horn charts and sturdy Latin percussion, are inspired…”
— Jeff Tamarkin, Jazz Times


“Wallace’s band made it clear from the first note that they were here to get down. NOW… Wallace’s quintet is like an
elite commando unit: lean, mean and packing some serious heat.” — Forrest Dylan Bryant, Jazz Observer


Wayne Wallace, 2009 Annual Critics’ Poll, Trombone Category — DownBeat Magazine


“No matter what or where he plays, Wallace brings not just musicianship but also that rare quality of music as
the means to uplift listeners’ spirits to a higher level.” — Larry Kelp, East Bay Express


“An accomplished arranger, educator, and composer.” — Maria Hinojosa, Latino USA


“San Francisco native Wayne Wallace is practically a one-man ecosystem of jazz. He is a phenomenal trombonist, composer, arranger, bandleader, educator, producer, and head of his own record label. With impeccable musicianship and boundless imagination, this group takes listeners on a multicultural musical voyage to Cuba, Africa, and Latin America.”
Forrest Dylan Bryant, Jazz Observer


“Check out the best Latin jazz bands in the Bay Area, and you’ll find one name in common — Wayne Wallace.”
Andrew Gilbert, Contra Costa Times


“His music sounds like ice-cold sparkling wine bubbling in our summer-hot New Year’s Eve.”
J.C.Celmer, Rádio Universidade FM – Rio Grande, Brazil